Recently, it was exposed that many different Senators and Representatives were paid to allow some mega corporations to buy and sell your information without your consent. “The consequences of passing this resolution are clear: Broadband providers like AT&T, Comcast and others will be able to sell your personal information to the highest bidder without your permission and no one will be able to protect you, not even the Federal Trade Commission,” says Representative (D-CA) Anna Eshoo. Check out the list of the Senators and Representatives that were bought and how much they were paid:

"According to the FCC, customers’ “sensitive private information” includes everything from app downloads, browsing histories, precise geo-locations and even financial and medical data," says, the New York Post.






As parents, we constantly find ourselves worrying over the safety of our children. We wonder where they are, who they are with, is anyone following them, are they being cautious, and more importantly, are they coming home tonight? As a mother myself I am always worrying and watching. My oldest is turning 15 this year and I am starting to think about what kind of devices are available to help aid me in keeping her safe, when I cannot be around.

One device I have found is still in the funding process, but is quite extraordinary. It is called the "Ripple." It is a device that is wearable, but is quite hard to see and find. Is about the size of a penny and is Bluetooth connected to your phone. In case of an emergency, you click the device 3 times and police and EMS are dispatched to your location with all of your information already sent to the emergency response team, from your phone. Also, you can receive a phone call to check on your well being, if you are worried that you are being followed, for instance. the battery is good for 6 months and when it dies, you get a free replacement. Check it out here:

Another device I have found is called a speed governor. Most people already know what that is, but for those who do not, it regulates the speed in which a vehicle is allowed to go. So for instance, you tell your child that they are not allowed to go on the highway and that they must stay in town; you put the speed governor on their car and they are not allowed to go over the set speed limit you decide, such as 35 MPH. They try to get on the highway and they cannot get up to speed or they get pulled over for impeding traffic. They will not attempt to circumvent your rule again. Check it out here:

Also, another great device is being offered by Verizon (and AT&T has their version of the same thing) called "Hum." This fantastic invention tells you the location of your vehicle, gives you a run-down of the past driving speeds, pinpoint roadside assistance, stolen vehicle assistance, emergency assistance, speed and boundary alerts, vehicle diagnostics and reminders for maintenance. This particular device is something that I will be looking into purchasing. Check it out:


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Been wondering where Facebook stands with the media?

While the article does not list the website specifically that took the woman's information, it does give warning to not give out your social security number until you have verified that it is a legitimate job searching site. It is recommended to stay on safe sites such as to ensure your security.

Check out the report: